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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I have decided that I need to make my own hooves. What with my desperate urge to buy horns, I could be a woodland creature in no time. This might be handy as I am homeless but due to stint of living in a land bereft of creatures of any kind I might end up being chased by hounds. What to do.

Still no luck on the house hunting front.

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Monday, March 24, 2003

Another week begins.

Last night it was a boozy night at the pub catching up with Mel who I haven't seen in absolute ages. Spent a good few hours sinking pints and catching up. Spent the earlier part of the day in another pub watching a bit of the World Cup, celebrating the win, eating thai and playing with Grace.

Babysat on Saturday nigt while Jane and Ash went out. Had a sneaky one on the roof and then freaked out thinking I'd set the building ablaze. Luckily the fire crew didn't seem to suspect me and left without unrapping the hoses.

Still haven't found anywhere to live. Am starting to get desperate.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Saw this amazon thing which caught my fancy. And in not exactly earth shattering news the yanks geography looks worringly bad. And they call themselves journalists.

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Am working again, however much I wish it wasn't so. What's been going on in my life - well bugger all really. Laying low and trying to not spend any money. I spent 5 days hanging round at Dave's which went amazingly fast during which time I did jack all. After this I moved to Jane's. She has been just so good. Am still there. Now that I have a job I am looking around for a place to live. I see my first place tonight. Disapointingly that is about all. It is concerning when the most intimate contact you have is with strangers on the tube. Dave has emigrated to Hungary. Jimmy is leaving the first week of April to go back to Oz. In a bid to replace these I catching up with Mel who has just moved back from Berlin.

London however is beautiful (god I so have been here too long). It is getting into spring and it almost seems as if you can see the days getting longer everyday, daffodils are sprouting and you can see the shoots starting on the trees. Soon it will be green again. I think that spring is my favourite season as it is so exciting to know that the gloom of winter is coming to an end. The fact that I missed most of winter is neither here nor there.

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Friday, March 07, 2003

Well I'm back in London.

Typically I just want to go back on holidays - who wouldn't. Met up with Dave at Heathrow to get his house keys which was handy. I was disappointed that I didn't see any tanks at the airport. In fact I didn't see much security of any kind. Maybe it was a bit early. Have not done so much since I got back. Moped round Dave's a bit, napped, went and got some of my stuff from my old house, arranged for Jane to feed me tonight.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

The safari was excellent. I didn't climb the active volcano that I was going to and went to the Serengeti instead (as well as the crater). It was cloudy so I was unsure if the view would be any good. Also my converse might not have been so good on all that shale.

The country is so beautiful there that it makes you feel great to be alive. It is also a slighty unreal feeling, like omg I'm walking in the Serengeti. The plains stretch as far as the eye can see and there were animals just everywhere. The migration was in the plains whilst I was there. In the Ngorongoro Crater it was just as beautiful with the crater walls rising to surround you. It was like a petri dish. Forest (quite small though) on one side, grass land and lakes. I saw all of the big 5 except the leopard (not that I knew what was included in this listing before my trip).

So after coming back from safari and getting very drunk at a party at the campsite (loads of people from town) I have moved onto Nairobi. It seems so modern after the rest of Africa. I have changed my flight to tomorrow and have sorted out a places to crash on my return. Now all I need is a job!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I'm in Arusha!

So the night ferry went remarkably fast. There was a cool Jet Li film shown and then when I woke up we were there. Staggered to the bus station and got the bus to Arusha, all 9 hours of it. They also had a film on "Mr Deeds". It was ok. So found a place to stay in town but am moving tomorrow to a camp site 3kms out of town I think. Sarah, the girl I am travelling with at the moment will stay on I think. Where we are staying has no water at the moment which is a shame as I haven't showered now for some time.

I am going to have a look around tomorrow and sort out what I'm going to do. I think after I go on a safari here I will be out of money so will most likely go straight to Nairobi and move my flight forward a week. I want to do loads of other things (who wouldn't) but fear that things will be very tight when I get back to London as it is.

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